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Custom Architectural Homes | BlairBuild | Central Coast NSW


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Project Description


Location:       Central Coast, NSW

Architect:      Paul Witzig

Completed:  2019

About the Project

The architectural vision was to build a classic, low maintenance beach house using old grey timbers found washed up on the beach. Cut into the hillside, the concrete base contains garaging and services while the structure above utilised massive hardwood posts and timbers to form the spacious verandas, living and sleeping areas across multiple levels. Maintenance on the naturally bleached timbers is zero and the roofing materials, windows and doors, and all stainless-steel fixings have set new standard for durable low maintenance structures for coastal living. 

Client Testimonial

In addition to his crasftmanship, matt organized and supervised all other trades and sub contractors so as to keep the build progressing, whilst demanding of all of them a very high quality of work. The finished house with its wonderful use of varieties of aged hardwoods, is a superb example of carpentering craftmanship at its finest.

Sue & Alan 

Architect Testimonial

“Although this office has designed and supervised a number of significant coastal houses in recent decades, we have never before managed to achieve such a high standard of build quality.”

Paul Witzig


Witzig Schulz Architects and Planners

To protect the privacy of our clients, complete references available upon request. 

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